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We have over 40 years of combined web page development experience and we speak HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and SQL fluently.  With this depth of knowledge we can handle any web site design you have in mind, whether simple or complex. Learn More


Sites developed using WordPress are powerful and affordable; and we know WordPress.  Thousands of existing plug-ins will differentiate your site from the rest.  Need a special plug-in?  We can create that too.  Let us show you our WordPress skills!

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Responsive Design

We design sites that work gracefully on devices from Smart Phones to Desktops, and all those in between.  We can make your web site look good no matter how your customers choose to view it.  Today, a site that works on mobile devices is a must.

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Virtual Services

Server virtualization has many benefits. Virtual servers requires less hardware, less power and utilize resources to the fullest, thus reducing operational costs. If you are interested in virtualization, you owe it to contact us and learn more.

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Full Service

We do it all. Our on-site Network Operations Center can host your web site as well as provide you with professional email services.  But best of all, you can talk to real people who know their stuff and speak a language you can understand!

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Blog & News

Looking For Technical Support?

As part of the restructuring of our Web presence we have split out the technical support aspects of this site into its own domain at  So if it’s our technical help that you need then head on over there by clicking the link... read more

Lean & Mean in 2016

Ashdown Technologies is proud to announce the streamlining of our new site! We hope you like the new look, along with the smooth functionality. The “front site” is tuned to new prospects looking to learn more about the services we offer. In the upper right... read more


Boston Back Bay

Boston Back Bay

A client-maintainable high profile site developed using WordPress. The Association has business members from the prestigious Boston Back Bay area.
Rise & Shine Academy

Rise & Shine Academy

A novel WordPress-based design implemented in conjunction with the client's in-house graphic designer.
Darling Consulting Group

Darling Consulting Group

Content-rich, bank-focused site with Constant Contact and SalesForce integration
Find Your WAE

Find Your WAE

An eCommerce site with high-end graphics


Thanks for all of your hard work in converting the website!

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