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News & Blog: Top 8 Reasons Your Website Needs A Face-Lift

Top 8 Reasons Your Website Needs A Face-Lift

“Hi, this is Wally, your website, speaking.  I know we’ve been together for a while now and at one time I was doing a great job for you.  But as time passes and technology changes I’m having an increasingly difficult time keeping up.  I know this is true because I failed Ashdown’s 8 point test.  Read below how I measured up.”

If “Wally” is not being kept up-to-date, then your company’s message is increasingly getting lost in the Internet “noise”, to the point where it may well be doing more harm than good.

Take a look at your website and review it against our 8 top reasons why it may need a face-lift, and see if you agree with Wally’s self-assessment!

 What We Do

Ashdown rejuvenates tired and outdated websites and keeps then current and relevant.  We can convert them to the latest content management system (CMS) and spruce up their look with cutting-edge graphics.  We even offer hosting in our Network Operations Center so that your site is served by the latest systems.

Read on to find out how “Wally” did when he measured himself against the 8 reasons.

“Hi, it’s Wally again, here’s how I measured up against Ashdown’s 8 reasons why I need a face-lift.”

number8Old-fashioned Graphics

“I really flunked this one.  Those graphics that looked so sharp just a few years ago now are really letting me down.  When people visit me they can tell, just from the last decade graphics styles, that I haven’t been updated any time recently, and they conclude you don’t care, which I know isn’t true.”

number7 Confused Message

“Even I’m confused about what my message is.  I hear visitors read my opening page, and at the end they have no idea what I’m trying to tell them about our company and its products and services.  Rather than look elsewhere on me for some insight, they are long-gone to my competitor’s site.”

number6Too Many Words

“As the pace of the world speeds up I have noticed that the attention span of my readers has become shorter and shorter.  My message is confused and there are too many words.  By the time they are part way through I can sense their eyes glazing over and off they go to some other site.”

number5 Hard To Use Menu Navigation

“I remember that my menus started out in life succinct and well-organized.   But over the years links to additional pages have been stuffed in without much thought to structure and logic.  As a result I seen my visitors vainly trying to find more information on my company’s products and services, without much luck.  They don’t see to hang around long as a result!”

number4 Slow Downloads

“In my youth I was really snappy, even over a dial-up modem.  But now, even with high bandwidth access to me by my visitors, my pages seem to take forever to download.  I’m sure it’s those incorrectly sized graphics and all those slow external links that are making me feel my age. They didn’t seem to be such a big deal at the time, but they sure have added up to make me unresponsive!”

number3 Poor Cross-Browser Compatibility

“There was a time when people visited me using Internet Explorer only.  Now they use Firefox, Chrome, Safari and a host of others and I’m not looking so good on them all, so I know I’m missing visits from people because I don’t properly support the browser they like to us.”

number2 No Search Engines Exposure

“I’ve got lots of keywords, but Google seems to pay me no attention any more.  They seem to have moved on and are now looking for other things in a website when determining relevance, and I’m not up to muster.  I wish I knew what they wanted?”

number1 Poor Presentation On All Devices

“When I was young I just had to look good on a 1024×768 pixel CRT monitor.  Now my visitors are trying to look at me on devices with screens as tiny as a smart phone, and all the other wide varieties of sizes found on tablets, laptops and high-resolution monitors. Any I’m not looking so good on most of them.  They don’t seem to stick around long when I can’t display properly for them!”

Does This Sound Like Your Website?

There is never an obligation when you ask us for quote for a new or revamped website.

 Does Wally’s Experience Ring True For Your Website?

Even if you site only fails some of these reasons, it could be losing your company exposure on the Internet.  Here at Ashdown we specialize in taking old and out-dated sites and converting them into attractive, user-friendly and search-engine-friendly websites that reflect well on your company.  Your website is your persona on the Internet and it needs to reflect your company’s commitment to providing its viewers with engaging, attractive and up-to-date information. A tired website suggests a tired company and we are sure that’s not what you want or intended.

 The Ashdown Approach

browser-773215_640Once you contact us we will analyze your existing site and talk to you to find out what you think is good and bad about it.  We will take the time to understand your company and its products and services.  Then our graphics and web designers will present how a revamped site would look, and provide you with a detailed proposal to get it implemented, including the cost.  There would be no obligation until you approve and sign the proposal.

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Call during business hours (508-476-3200, 8am – 6pm ET Monday – Friday) and talk to Drew.  He will help you to get the process started.

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