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News & Blog: Building Websites: When spending less will cost you more

Building Websites: When spending less will cost you more

As professional site designers, we know the value of a properly constructed website. As a business, we know that our clients (like ourselves) are always cognizant of the bottom line, and thus looking to limit their financial expenditures. However, when you consider that your website is not only your advertising workhorse, but also that all-important “first impression” to potential clients, you should recognize that as a worthwhile investment. So while its OK that you may be saving money on water coolers by corralling your employees to drink from the hose at the back of the warehouse, “Cheaping out” on your website is not the wise idea.

Oh yes, we hear it many times from some of the prospects we call on…

“My sisters’ boyfriend builds sites”.

“I’ve got a buddy who is building a site for me”.

“My cat is taking a WordPress class so he can build it”.

And my favorite… “No Thank You…We have a website”. (?) (Well let’s see…I only contacted you because I couldn’t find your site. So either you’re lying, or your site REALLY sucks!)  🙂

More often than not, these “homemade” sites fall far below the criteria required to garner high search result returns, which is the backbone of enticing new business. Thus, you are now spending money on web hosting for a site that can’t be found, or doesn’t present your company in a favorable light. And THAT, my friends, is truly expensive.

When you work with Ashdown Technologies to build your site, there is no reason to believe you have to spend a lot to get results. The CMS we use to construct your site is expandable, so you can invest a little now for a small site, and add onto it later as the revenue from new clients comes in.

Think of it as guaranteed exposure without risking foreclosure. (Yeah, baby!)

Whatever your budget…Whatever your site needs…Ashdown Technologies will provide you with professional results. Call us today for a no cost / no obligation discussion about building or redesigning your website. Your fast track to increased business and higher revenue starts here.

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