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News & Blog: How To Be In Two Places At Once

How To Be In Two Places At Once

“There’s just not enough time in the day!”

“I need about 2 more of me!”

“I wish I could be in 2 places at once!”

Do these phrases sound familiar? If you’re a working adult, most likely you have spun at least one of these phrases seconds before unleashing an inner primal scream that could tear the universe a new one. Well kids, until they perfect cloning, you’re just going to have to deal with things using the tools God gave you.

Now, your data? Yeah…That’s another story. Your data CAN be in two places at once. And if you’re smart, you’ll make sure it is.

I’m talking about Server Co-Location. This is where you have a server on the premises of your company, and a second server at a remote location that acts as a mirror, or backup. This protects you in case of hacking; or worse, physical destruction such as a fire or flood.

Sounds like a smart idea, right? Of course it does.

Ashdown Technologies offers server co-location in our facilities to assure that your important information is always available and protected. We offer this service with multiple options including physical servers, virtual servers, multiple RAID configurations, OS management, and so much more. Contact Ashdown Technologies today at 508-476-3200 and speak with our team about co-locating a server for your company.

Your company data is valuable, and its protection is crucial to your continued success. Call Ashdown Technologies today to help assure that continued success.

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