Dedicated Servers

Who Needs Dedicated Servers?

The situation can arise where your company would benefit from one of our dedicated servers for its Internet services needs, rather than having them hosted on one of our general-purpose servers.  For example, if you need a significant number of emails accounts, or many web sites, this might be a good alternative.

A dedicated server is set up to only be used by your company.  It can provide any and all of these services, and others besides:

  • EMail Accounts
  • Email Storage and Transmission
  • Web Site Hosting
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Services
  • File Storage Cloud Hosting
  • File Sharing
  • Remote Administrative Management

How Much Will The Hardware Cost?

Due to the magic of virtualization there will be no hardware costs.  We will set up one or more dedicated servers for you on one of our many Virtual Server hosting machines (hypervisors), with exactly the specifications each needs.  And if you grow and need more CPU performance, disk space or RAM (Random Access Memory) that’s easy to handle too.  We can simply change your dedicated server’s configuration and it’s done.  No more ditching that obsolete hardware and buying new, to only have it become obsolete itself in a year or two.

How Safe Are Dedicated Servers on a Virtual Machine?

We use ESXi from VMWare for our Virtual Server hypervisors.  VMWare is a world leader in virtualization and provides a solid reliable foundation for all our dedicated servers.

We back-up all our virtual machines daily, both on and off site.  If any of your virtual servers ever need restoring in its entirety, we can recover it from a back-up copy very quickly.  This will be many times quicker than reloading a hardware computer from scratch.

A secondary benefit of this back-up scheme is that we can recover a specific file from a back-up copy, should that be all that you need.

All our Virtual Server hosting machines have RAID5 disks, ensuring that a real disk failure will have no affect on any of your dedicated servers.  All Virtual Server hosting machines have both short and long-term power backup as well.

The Next Step

There are many options available and decisions to be made before getting involved with dedicated servers. So the best next step is to give us a call.  We can talk you through the process using easy-to-understand terminology, so that you can make a well-informed decision.  Our number is 508-476-3200.


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