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I Don’t Need Website Domain Name Management!

Well, maybe not, but think about this scenario.  You’ve just registered that perfect domain name for a year at and associated with it your GMail account email address.  What could go wrong?  Unfortunately your GMail account got hacked and you had to close it and open a new one, with a new address.  Now your domain name needs renewing and you’ve forgotten you password to their site.  No problem you think, they’ll send it to my email.  But wait, they still have the old address on file, so I’ll never see it.  What to do?  Well, be prepared to spend some quality time on the phone with their tech support to get it ironed out.  It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two of your valuable time, hopefully!  And with any luck your website domain name won’t return to the pool to be snapped up by your competitor in the mean-time!

This may all sound fanciful, but we have seen this scenario play out over and over.

Maybe I Do Need Website Domain Name Management!

We are agents for Network Solutions, a leader in Website Domain Name registration.  When you buy a domain from us, or transfer your existing one to our custody, all the above headaches go away.  We offer competitive prices for all domains and add value to your purchase by including full professional set up and web site domain name monitoring and management.

We will provide full DNS (Domain Name System) services for your domain name to connect it to your website, email server or any other system.  When your registration is up for renewal we will notify you of the renewal period options in plenty of time and bill you once the renewal is completed.  So you can rest easy knowing that your precious domain name, your vital identify on the web, is safe and secure.

What Does This Peace-of-mind Cost?

There are no additional charges to provide you with website domain name management.  Our domains are little more to register than you might pay “out on the street”, but the value-added services that come with them make the additional cost well worthwhile.  Give us a call at 508-476-3200 to find out what domain names are available for your business and how much they will cost.

Why is your Domain Name Important?

A domain name is a “place holder” for you and your business on the world wide web. It is the “street address” of your business in cyber space, and once you register one, no one can use your domain name as long as you keep the registration in place.  Website domain name management is an important way to protect this valuable company asset.  If you lose control of your domain name getting it back can be expensive in legal fees and time consuming, without any guarantee of success.  Proactive website domain name management is the answer.

How Do I Choose a Domain Name?

Let’s say your company is “Dolls and More”. If no one has registered “”, you can register that domain name, and it will be all yours as long as you choose to keep it current. But what happens if “” is already taken? You (and we) can look for options to the name, such as:


One way or another, we’ll work with you to set up a domain name suited to your needs. And we can host it on our secure servers in our Network Operations Center.

My Site Needs To Be Secure Also

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are increasingly favoring web sites that use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect data transfer.  This is true even if your site is not involved in credit card transactions or other sensitive data transfers.  So it’s well worth considering getting an SSL Certificate for your domain name.  Depending on the level of verification of your business, SSL certificates can be inexpensive.  All protect the actual data being transferred, in both directions.

Talk to us at 508-476-3200 about getting your site secure.  We can provide the certificate, renew expiring ones, and install them on our servers for a low cost.

Ready to Acquire a Domain Name or SSL Certificate?

In the real world, your home is “your place”. In cyberspace, your domain name is “your place”. Call us at 508-476-3200 or contact us today to discuss securing “your place” in the world wide web.

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