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News & Blog: July 1st Already?!

July 1st Already?!

It’s been what seems like another one of those years, as the past 6 months have passed as though edited for television.

Four weeks ago we were shoveling snow. Two weeks ago we had warm breezy spring days and cool nights. Now the asphalt is melting in the streets. Where does the time go?

Another aspect of your life that may feel like this is the plan you laid out to re-design or update your website. “Time to replace content, add new pictures, alter the company employee page by removing those who have left and adding those who are new, include newer testimonials, etc etc”. An excellent idea indeed…Bravo!

To bad you came up with it LAST YEAR!!!

Yup…Check your calender there Sparkles…A year (if not more) has managed to occur since you made that decision. It’s not that you don’t want to do it. Maybe it’s that you cant seem to get your thoughts in an orderly fashion. Well, this is why you should call us.

If you give us 30 minutes (in most cases), we’ll give you a no cost / no obligation consultation, put all your thoughts and concerns (about your site) in order, and present you with a proposal for that rebuild your site is crying out for. Redesigning or Updating a site is like losing weight: Nothing happens until you get proactive. An old site with old information is like a fat buttocks. No one’s going to be rushing to get an eyeful of that train wreck, people.

We respect your business, and you should too. Redesign and / or update your site with help from Ashdown Technologies.

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