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News & Blog: Keeping up with WordPress Updates is HARD!

Keeping up with WordPress Updates is HARD!

WordPressYour web site is an extremely important part of your marketing and sales effort. The thought of it being compromised or defaced by a hacker is chilling. This makes the security of your web site of paramount importance.

When using a content management system such as WordPress, you get the benefit of an update system built right in. Great right? It sure is. But guess what… most people don’t do the updates!

Sadly, as updates go ignored, vulnerabilities that have already been fixed are left out there. Like leaving the front door of your house unlocked, hackers don’t have to work hard to find and exploit these openings.

Can you help me keep my WordPress site up-to-date?

Captain AmericaAbsolutely!

To help you stay protected, we have created a new WordPress Update Management program.

For just $10/month, Ashdown technical support personnel will perform the following process once a month:

  • Login to your site
  • Take a backup PRIOR to any updates, just in case there is an issue
  • Perform all available updates to WordPress, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes
  • Spot check the website to ensure that the updates have not broken the display of the site

We’ll do the first check of your site right away to be sure it is up-to-date.

Interested? Sign-up Today!

Contact us today at 508-476-3200 or

We’ll get you started on the Ashdown WordPress Update Management program right away!

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