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Who owns you? Domain Management 101

One of the services we offer here at Ashdown Technologies is "Domain Management". This means that we monitor your domain (your website address) and inform you when your registration is about to expire. We do a "first pass" of this notification 45 days prior to...

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We Are Improving Our Digital Marketing

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Big Fish Results, a company that specializes in Digital Marketing.  They will be helping us to grow our company by improving our visibility in the digital marketplace.  We will also be in a position to offer their...

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Ashdown Launches New Web Sites

Ashdown Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce some new web sites that it has launched in the last few months.  This diverse group showcases the wide range of professional sites that we can develop to suit any budget.  We are a full-service company and our graphic...

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We Now Have Our Head In The Cloud

Our new professional level Cloud Server will help you manage your files with extensive capabilities and features.  Here are just some of the useful features it offers: Off-site storage of your most important information Share files or folders with specific colleagues...

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Summer? What Summer?

Yesterday...September 23rd...The first day of Fall. The Summer of 2015 was an illusion; A blink, if that. You know the Summer was too short when (in my case) you don't need to turn on the AC until the end of June, and haven't had to use it since the middle of...

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We explain IMAP and POP3

Have you ever been confused about IMAP and POP3 when setting up your device to access your email account? With careful setup you can access all your email from all your devices; avoid going over-quota at the mail server; and have a single location where all your...

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Is Your Website Naughty, or Nice?

Ah, Christmas! (Or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year...) A time of love, family, sharing and giving. A time when "very busy" means planning, travel, and shopping...All while hoping that %$*&^@#^&$ who just took your parking space gets trampled by...

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