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News & Blog: Colin J. Stearman PE

Colin J. Stearman PE

Colin started Ashdown Technologies, Inc. in 1994 to leverage his programming skills in a number of technical areas.  He successfully brought to market a Windows program called BadgeBuilder® written entirely in C++, which is still being used today the world over.  An early adopter of the Internet, his company quickly branched out to offer Internet services to its customers.

Colin obtained his HND (Higher National Diploma) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Leicester College of Art and Technology (now DeMontfort University) in Leicester, England, in 1968.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California.

Besides his electronic engineering skills, he is also competent in many programming languages, including C, C++, PHP, SQL, BASH, PERL, AWK, SED and Python.

Colin retired as President in 2016 and handed over the day-to-day running to Richard, who is now the President.  However, he still plays an active role maintaining software products he developed, and providing advice and assistance to the new President.  He remains Chairman of the Board and Owner of Ashdown Technologies, Inc.

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