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News & Blog: Summer? What Summer?

Summer? What Summer?

Yesterday…September 23rd…The first day of Fall. The Summer of 2015 was an illusion; A blink, if that. You know the Summer was too short when (in my case) you don’t need to turn on the AC until the end of June, and haven’t had to use it since the middle of September. So, 10-ish weeks of Summer by my count. And that’s WAY too short.

Unfortunately, running a business is also a good way to make time blow by in a heartbeat. While 2015 has allowed us the privilege of building sites for new clients, and redesigning or updating sites for existing clients, we have seen others balk. We currently have some prospects who have met with us, love our proposals, and said “Yes! I’m in. I’ll get the proposal signed and the check mailed shortly”.

Yet still…Nothing. Some as far back as January…Still claiming “I know, I know…I need to get that going”.

So what’s my point? Simple: You can’t let the advancement of your business be ignored even if business is good. It is equally important to make sure your business continues to grow in the future as it is to work your business in the present. Because like the Summer of 2015, the time you decided to move forward is history, and the future you were looking forward to is now. And to continue to set aside advancements for your business that can improve your future, will only lead to a future that never arrived, because it’s already past.

If your website isn’t ready to properly represent your business for the future, give us a call at 508-476-3200. All discussions and proposals are no cost / no obligation. Don’t let another present become a past you didn’t take advantage of for a future that’s already here.

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