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News & Blog: Website design: Why a sweet deal can sour your whole day

Website design: Why a sweet deal can sour your whole day

As website designers (and people who watch TV) we see the same ads you see. “Build your website for free”…”We’ll build your website for $1.00”, etc. Pretty enticing on the surface, but logic dictates that something’s fishy. Like getting slapped in the face with a 700 pound tuna kind of fishy. Here’s a short list of reasons why you want your site built by a reputable firm like Ashdown Technologies rather than those TV ad guys.

  1. The price is real alright..$1.00, free, they aren’t lying. They will build your site for that. And then they will hoist it for you, with  a monthly fee (and possibly a contract) that might cause you some serious financial hemorrhaging.
  2. Extras that aren’t extras cost extra. Some of those companies may charge you for something they say is an “add on” but is actually a natural part of a correctly built and functioning site.
  3. “I want it I want it (Ya caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t have it!)” An excerpt from “Magic Bus” by The Who, but applicable to your site. You can’t move the site to another host, because “they” (The company that built it for you) own it. So if they fall out of your good graces, you either have to stick with them, or have a reputable firm like Ashdown Technologies build a new site for you.
  4. You may not get to keep your domain as well. You thought long and hard about getting an easy and ‘spot on” site domain. (i.e. Now you’re not only changing the look of your site, but you have to get your customers to “recognize” a different web address.
  5. If you want any updates or changes done to your site, you can submit a request. And they’ll get to it…Eventually.

Ashdown Technologies will not build your site for free, or for $1.00. We also won’t subject you to any of the pitfalls listed above. When you hire Ashdown Technologies to build your site and register your domain…

  1. You own the site and the domain. You can move them to any host you choose. (FYI…Ashdown Technologies provides web site and e-mail hosting as well, so we hope you’ll host with us) But it’s your choice.
  2. Our hosting costs are reasonable and come without contracts. Host with us as long as you want…You are in charge.
  3. We will optimize your site to produce the best search engine results possible automatically. The only way to improve those results would be through paid advertising and “pay-per-click” services.
  4. We offer training so YOU can update your own site anytime you want. Came up with an idea to have a “midnight madness sale” at 8 o’clock at night? No problem! With quality training from Ashdown Technologies, you’re on your site and making changes whenever you want. Training can be done here at our our facilities, or remotely via the web right to your computer, in the comfort of your home or office.
  5. Your Ashdown Technologies website is custom built for you. No cookie cutter sites here…We customize each site to reflect the values and ideas of the site owner.

If you’re thinking of having a site built, or having your current site updated or modified, talk to us. All discussions and proposals are no cost / no obligation.

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