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News & Blog: Who owns you? Domain Management 101

Who owns you? Domain Management 101

One of the services we offer here at Ashdown Technologies is “Domain Management”. This means that we monitor your domain (your website address) and inform you when your registration is about to expire. We do a “first pass” of this notification 45 days prior to expiration so you have plenty of time to get back to us about how many years you would like to re-register your domain..

Unfortunately, not all of our current clients take advantage of this service.

As recently as of this month, a client contacted us, stating “When we type in our domain (URL / Website address), it goes to a whole other place. What’s happening?” Well, what’s happened is you let your domain expire, which also means you weren’t paying attention to your records. This also means that if you don’t act fast, someone else can register your domain and either use it for themselves, or hold it “for ransom”. A domain name is like a lottery ticket: If you haven’t “signed the back of the ticket” (registered your domain), anyone who finds it can claim it.

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